Las Vegas Hillbillies

Don incorporated his own comedy routines into his radio shows.  In time, he appeared at clubs in the South and the Southwest.  Over the years, he would appear at Carnegie Hall, Cobo Hall, Congressional Hall, the Astrodome, and the Grand Ole Opry,

On the big screen, Don played Jeepers in Las Vegas Hillbillys and Hillbillys In A Haunted House.

On the small screen, Don made a few guest appearances on Bill Anderson's syndicated television program in 1965 before becoming a regular cast member the following year. 

On stage, Don portrayed one of his alter egos, Seemore Miles, the world's greatest tour bus driver, when he opened for Moe Bandy in Branson. 

Don was honored as the first Country Music Association (CMA) Comedian of the Year in 1967 after winning the Favorite Country Comedy Recording Artist Award at the 1966 Billboard Country Awards.  He also was named Comedian of the Year by Record World and Cash Box.  More on Don's comedic adventures coming soon.

Hillbillys In A Haunted House